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More about me :)

My story

My name is Andrea and I come from Brno, Czech Republic. Since 2013 I've been living in Ireland, in a small town called Ennis. Moving to Ireland absolutely changed my life and helped me accomplish some of my wildest dreams. But it wasn't always an easy journey. 

I was once a beginner too!

I always loved English but I was quite shy when it came to speaking! I froze each time the teacher asked me something. I was afraid of making mistakes and when I made them, I ruminated about them for days or even weeks! I was scared that if I spoke to a native speaker, I wouldn't understand a single word they said!

In 2006, after finishing secondary school, I decided to change this. I traveled to Ireland for the first time as an au-pair to improve my speaking and face all the fears I had about my English!

For the first two 2 months, I struggled with my confidence to the point that I only used single words and simple sentences in my answers. If I could, I tried to avoid speaking just so I wouldn't say anything weird or make a mistake. But at the same time, I slowly started accepting that I would probably always be making mistakes and that I am actually learning quite a lot from them. It just became too exhausting to beat myself up all the time for every single mistake I made. What also helped me a lot was the supportive, helpful, and non-judgemental character of the Irish people. I guess that was one of the main reasons why I later decided to move to Ireland and stay there :)

How I can help you...

I know how English works!

I've been learning English since I was 4 years old. Throughout the years, I've found my own ways and methods which helped me understand the language system and realize that it's quite easy and logical.

My passion for English motivated me to study at Palacky University in Olomouc where I graduated with a BA and MA in English Linguistics and Literature. Later, when I decided to become a teacher, I completed my Cambridge CELTA - Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages which also rates among the most widely recognized English teaching qualifications. 

I understand your fears and how hard it can be!

I've been through all of it - I know how much work it requires to study English and find time for it in our busy lives. I understand your fear of speaking and making mistakes. I know how complicated and overwhelming grammar can sometimes be. But I also know how to help you, motivate you, and change how you think about your English so that you can feel comfortable and confident when you're speaking. 

You will learn real English!

I've spent almost half of my life abroad. Throughout this time, I've picked up a lot of spoken English expressions, common phrases, and idioms, and polished my pronunciation to the level of a native speaker. During my lessons, I will not only be able to break down the grammar for you but you'll also learn a lot of practical and colloquial phrases that will make you feel more natural and confident in speaking!

What I do when I'm not teaching...

Los Paddys performing for the President of Ireland, Micheal D. Higgins at the presidential residence Áras an Uachtarán in Dublin.

I dance and sing!

I am a member of an Irish band Los Paddys and have performed with them at many international festivals and various events throughout Ireland.  I used to be a competitive Irish dancer for many years in the Czech Republic and in Ireland where I also managed to qualify for the World Irish Dancing Championships. Now I enjoy performing with the band as an Irish and flamenco dancer, singer, and percussionist. 


One of my most favourite drawings capturing the beautiful Parisian architecture.

I make art!

I've been in love with drawing and painting since my childhood. I love capturing ordinary things like buildings and streets in and around Ennis where I live. My biggest achievement was organizing a little exhibition in Paris in 2019 where I showed a collection of drawings of Ennis and Paris in ink technique


Photo of one of the most visited places in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher, which are located in the West of Ireland in County Clare.

I take photos!

I love spending my free time in nature and observing how the weather changes each season. Ireland is a beautiful country to capture especially when you're somewhere by the sea. I also love to take photos of my home country. When I go there to see my family and friends, we always take a lot of trips and enjoy the beautiful nature and history.  

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