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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy:

All personal data is managed by Fluent English - Online Lessons,

10 Hawthorn House, Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland,

registered at Companies Registration Office, Dublin 1, Ireland.

In this text you will be further informed about:

1. What kind of personal data is processed on this website;

2. What is the purpose and manner of processing your data;

3. How long will your data be processed for and

4. What are your rights in relation to the processing and protection of your personal information.

What kind of personal data is processed on this website

When you contact the provider via the website, you may be asked to fill out certain information about yourself.

This information includes:

1. Your first and second name and 

2. Your email address.

The purpose of processing your personal information

Your personal data is used only for the purpose of the service provider to supply you with necessary information about the service or to provide the service of adequate quality. Your personal data is processed legally and transparently and only relevant and necessary data is required by the provider. 

How long will your data be processed?

Your data is processed during the whole period of providing the service to you.  After the termination of the contract, your personal information is further processed for the purpose of direct marketing and archiving duties (i. e. Accounting Act, Archiving Act, and Value Added Tax Act). 

Your rights in relation to processing and protection of your personal information

1. The right to access personal information - the right to receive confirmation about data processing, i.e. the right to have access to this information and the information about its processing. 

2. The right to correct personal information - The right to have your data corrected in case it is inaccurate or incomplete. 

3. The right to delete personal information - personal data must be deleted if (i) it is no longer necessary for the purpose it had been collected, (ii) data processing appears to be illegal, (iii) you raise an objection against data processing, (iv) it is determined by law to do so. 

4. The right to limit personal information - in case it is stated by law, you may have a right to limit your personal information.  

5. The right to raise an objection - you may have a right to raise an objection against data processing for the purpose of direct marketing. In this case, your data will not be further processed for this purpose. 

This privacy policy is effective from 22 July 2022.

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