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How do I teach?
Who do I teach?

I teach adult students who are self-motivated to get better at English or enjoy learning new things. It's important that students know why they want to learn English and are also ready to put in all the necessary work.

I concentrate primarily on conversation and helping students with confidence in speaking.  

I teach, motivate, inspire and support
  • I will explain to you everything that you don't understand in a simple and logical way. We'll make English easy and fun.

  • I will support you and motivate you on your learning journey, help you speak without fear, and change the way you think about mistakes.

  • Most of the time we will work with interactive and authentic materials that will help you improve your understanding and sound more English in conversation.


  • I will give you tips on how to stay in contact with English outside our lessons so that you can practice anytime and anywhere you like even on busy days. 

  • I don't teach students who aren't motivated enough to learn English and lessons are more of an obligation to them rather than an opportunity to improve and work on themselves. 

  • I don't support any fast-method courses that would teach you everything in a couple of weeks. Learning languages requires time, patience, and your own work. 

  • You will make even more progress if you give English time outside of our lessons - i.e. doing homework activities, listening to podcasts or videos, or reading articles related to our topics. 

YOU make your English better

1. How can I book the first lesson?

If you wish to try and learn with me, you can email me at and I will send you back available dates for our first lesson. You will also receive a short questionnaire where you'll have to fill out some more information about your previous experience with English and your goals and expectations. After that, we will meet for our Trial Lesson where we'll discuss all details in person. You can find more information about the Trial Lesson here.

2. How often should I take lessons?

It's important to create a habit out of your lessons and for that, I always recommend having them regularly on the same day and at the same time every week. For ideal progress, the best option is to combine a classic 60-minute lesson with a mini conversation each week. 

3. How much time do I have before my prepaid lessons expire?

Every package has its own expiry date. As an example, if you buy a 10-lesson package in September 2022, you have the next four months to use all the lessons. You can find all information about packages in this section.

4. What do I do if I can't attend my lesson?

You need to let your teacher know at least 24 hours before your lesson. In this case, we can agree on rescheduling the lesson for another day, if there is a date available, or the lesson can be sent to you in an e-form in Google Drive or via email for self-study. If you don't arrive on time or if you cancel your lesson less than 24 hours before the start, the lesson will count as normal without the possibility of a refund.  You'll receive all the important information about the Terms and Conditions via email before the start of the course. 

In case you are ill or are going on a holiday, it is possible to agree on an alternative solution. 

5. Do you also teach groups?

Yes, of course. I teach groups of 2 or 3 students. If you are planning to take group lessons, let me know and we will discuss all details in the Trial Lesson. You can take a look at this section for more information. 

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